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Respect in Sport
NEW! - All players born 2004 or later must have 1 Parent per Family complete the new Alliance Parent Respect in Sport Certification. Families must complete this requirement before their player's first game of the season. This generally applies to all players new to hockey as this is a prerequisite for the HMH Initiation Program.

Program Overview:

The Respect in Sport Parent Program is an online certification program designed to protect our youth as well as enhance ALLIANCE Hockey’s mandate of providing a safe and fun environment for all participants. It is Canada’s leading online bullying, abuse, harassment, and neglect prevention program for parents.

Respect in Sport Parent Program:

A program providing information on parents' natural influence over a child, the coach or leader’s role in an activity, the role parents play in their child's enjoyment of a sport or activity, and protecting your child when they are outside of your immediate control. The program also provides parents with tools to evaluate their own behavior by highlighting 5 key "behavioral traps" frequently exhibited by parents, particularly in competitive sports. It demonstrates negative behaviors and provides ideas of how a situation may be better handled, includes valuable information from subject matter experts delivered in a clear and concise fashion, and asks questions of parents based on scenarios presented.

Specific topics include:

• 5 common negative parent behaviors

• Child development/nutrition and hydration/rest/injuries

• Interacting with coaches, officials, and other parents

Want more details or need to complete the course?
See the webpage Alliance Hockey Parent Respect in Sport.

Questions about whether you need to complete it?
Contact [email protected]

Note: This requirement is separate from the Coach/Trainer Respect in Sport program. 1 Parent per Family must complete the new Alliance Parent Respect in Sport Certification regardless if there is a parent in the family that has completed the Coach/Trainer Respect in Sport program.